RUGTEK CR 410 Cash Drawer Black

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Introducing Rugtek’s feature-rich cash drawer, a compact yet robust solution tailored to meet the demands of various store environments. Crafted with precision from quality metal, this drawer guarantees durability and reliability, ensuring it stands up to the rigors of daily use. Its versatile design features compartments for 5 bills, 8 coins, cards, cheques, and receipts, allowing for organized and efficient cash management. Enhancing security, the drawer includes a lockable lid for the cash receiver, providing ease of use while ensuring tray changes are secure. For an added layer of protection, the three-position key lock adds a heightened level of security, assuring that your valuables remain safe and guarded. Rugtek’s electronic cash drawer embodies a harmonious blend of durability, organization, and security, making it an indispensable asset for optimizing your store operations.


• This compact, quality metal cash drawer is designed in such a way that it is ideal for all store environments.
• This drawer is steel in its construction. It offers 5-bill, 8-coin, card, cheque and receipt compartments.
• A lockable lid for the cash receiver to change the tray is also provided.
• A three-position key lock fosters more security.

RUGTEK CR 410 Cash Drawer Black

Drawer Metal Cash Drawer
Casing Steel Construction
Front Panel Steel construction with painted front default
Bill Compact Metal Drawer with fixed 5 notes
Coin Tray 8 coin fixed compartments
Media slot Front access slot for check, credit card receipt or any paper
Lockable Lid Lockable Lid for the cash receiver to change tray (option)
Lock 3 key lock position
Micro Switch / Sensor Compatible Driver Control JPOS/OPOS
I/O Interface RJ12 Receipt printer interface
Durability 1,000,000 operations
Color Black
Dimensions 410 W x 415 L x 100 H in mm
Net Weight 7 Kg
Gross Weight 7.15 Kg

RUGTEK CR 410 Cash Drawer Black

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Weight 10 kg
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