Royal Black Magic Dot Matrix Ribbon Cartridge ERC 09

79.00 Inc GST

Product Details
Brand: Royal Black Magic
Model no.: ERC 09
Generic Name: Printer Ribbon Cartridge
Product Type: New Compatible9
Colour: standard
Description: 4mm X .205mtrs (SEAMLESS)
Compatible with Printers: EPSON ERC 09/22/40, M160/161/180/181/182/183/185/190/191/192/ 195/ 150/163/164, EPC-09/80/22, HX 20/40/P-40, DED D166/D173/FUJITSU G-880/1600, F3588B/3589D, CASIO CE300/310, TK-800/810, Dt6000/FE 700/ PCR-365, HITACHI DF6000/HT2391/B&E RE4100/4100-6/4100-10/BRANDT 1100, Samsung – 4F, ER-700(F)

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