REFFLO GI-790 Cyan Premium Compatible Ink

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The Premium Cyan ink (REFFLO-CND790C) from REFFLO is ideal for colorful print output. This Dye ink helps deliver high print quality with a bright shades of colors. The ink comes in a bottle that ensures easy & mess-free refills.

The ink is compatible with Canon Pixma G1000/G1010/G2000/G2002/ G2010/G2012/G3000/G3010/G3012/G4000/G4010

REFFLO GI-790 Cyan Premium Compatible Ink


Refflo 70ml Premium Compatible 790 Cyan Ink for Canon Pixma Ink Efficient Printers G1010 G2010 G3010 G4010. The Premium Cyan ink (REFFLO-CND790C) from REFFLO is ideal for colorful print output. This Dye ink helps deliver high print quality with a bright shade of colors. The ink comes in a bottle that ensures easy & mess-free refills.


Colour Type         :  CYAN

Use with Printers :  Canon Pixma Ink Efficient G1000/G1010/G2000/G2002/G2010/G2012/G3000/G3010/G3012/G4000/G4010

Ink Type              :  Dye

Net Weight           :  70gm/ 70ml

Inbox Qty.             : 1 Bottle


Product Code       : REFFLO-CND790C


More Vibrant Colors

Color vibrancy is what makes a photo or color print outs truly special. REFFLO inks are formulated to produce exceptionally vibrant colors that are both accurate and unforgettable. Skin tones are beautifully natural. Bright colors are excitingly vivid. The in-between shades are always subtly expressive. With REFFLO inks, you get colors as vibrant.

Printer Head Friendly

Inferior quality inks can damage your printer  roadside or universal inks can cause photo colors to fade faster, or papers to curl due to incompatibility. It is important to use inks designed and engineered specially for printer head. REFFLO Premium inks are good to produce brilliant and lasting prints.

Quality Photo Prints

REFFLO Premium inks and photo papers are selected to work together. The result of this synergy is brilliant, fade-resistant prints that can be preserved for a long time*! Inferior quality inks can damage your printer and cause photo colors to fade faster.
*Under proper storage conditions.

REFFLO GI-790 Cyan Premium Compatible Ink


Satisfaction Guaranteed





Excellent color matching performance of the inks. Prints true colors in photo's. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed on all REFFLO Inks are OEM based ink specification's ensure that ink works very well with your printer. All inks are tested extensively in our Workshop Lab 100% compatible for the printer which was intended for.

Dependable Quality & Worry Free Performance




High quality inkjet inks for printing with high sharpness and good colors, choose in our ISO Certified 9001 : 2015 for quality and 14001 : 2015 for Environmental management Company Inks designed specially for use with your printers. Inks are Packed with matching specifications to original company inks.

REFFLO Important Printer Maintenance Tips - FAQ

It is easy to keep your printer in tip-top condition, and the benefits are truly amazing – from excellent performance to exceptional documents and images. The best way to ensure that your printer stays in perfect condition is using Premium Quality Compatible Inks.

Use Draft Mode to Save Ink

If you're printing something just for reference and quality isn't paramount, use the ink-saving Draft/Fast Draft mode under the Print Quality settings of your printer. Just remember to switch back to Standard/Normal or High/Best mode when printing your final copy.

Printer Specific Inks

Ink Tank system is an ingenious way to lower costs by saving ink and paper. Each ink color has its own ink types like Dye/Pigment, because colors are used at different rates. Only the depleted color needs to be replaced, so ink wastage is eliminated. Your ink tank printer will let you know when a ink level is low or empty in ink tank (in old models you have to check ink level manually), so you’ll never waste paper by running out of ink in the middle of a print job.

Ink Tank Printer Clean Print Head

Ink Tank Printers having two types of print head module and cartridge type. In case of blur print or not getting quality printouts, follow this steps for clean print head

Go to ---> Device Control/Device & Printer--->Select Printer Model--->click mouse right click--->select printer preferences ---->go to maintenance  tap ----> do print head cleaning.

You can get printer quality test page/printer diagnostic page / print nozzle check page.

if after 2-3 times cleaning print not get okay. you can runs power cleaning or power ink flushing option.

NOTE : In case of power ink flushing printer may use high ink wastage. in some ink tank printers service errors may be comes after cleaning. or have to replace waste ink pads.

Duplex Printing

Save time, paper and money by printing on both sides of the paper. Many printers feature Auto Duplex Printing, which allows you to print on both sides of the paper automatically. There's no need to turn it over manually. Not only is it a convenient way to print, it's also environmentally friendly!

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