POSIFLEX KB6600 Programmable Keyboard

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POSIFLEX KB6600 Programmable Keyboard

The KB6600 is a game-changing programmable keyboard that has countless features specifically designed for PCs / POS box. Looking beyond its rugged construction, its wired programmable keyboard with a spill-resistant design for better convenience with a cable management system. It is 84 keys and the best wired Programmable Keyboard, making it easier to program keystrokes, and assigning custom actions to various keys saves time. This device is designed for PC’s and POS box as well.

Key Features

  • Spill-proof Structure
  • Cable Management System
  • 84 keys Programmable Keyboard
  • Optional Magnetic Stripe Reader

POSIFLEX KB6600 Programmable Keyboard

Physical Characteristics

Dimension (W x D x H in mm) 340 x 150 x 58
Weight (N.W. in Kg) 1.09
Function 84-key Programmable Keyboard


Interface PS/2 (KB-6600) or USB (KB-6600U)


Options Blank key, double key for alternative key group layout; MSR (HID/VCOM Selectable)


Key Top Size 19 mm x 19 mm for single key
Keys Quantity 84 programmable keys + 6 position control keys
Programming Programming under DOS (KB-6600 only) and Windows, multiple page, multiple level, whole range key content, time delay, position sense answer back code, etc.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
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