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EPSON Ink Maintenance Box C13T04D100 For L6160,L6170,L6190,M1140,M1170,M1180,M2140,M2170,M3140,M3170,M3180

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The C13T04D100 is driven by a mechanism that flushes ink from the system during maintenance of the print heads. Replacement is hassle-free as you will be notified by the printer when the box has to be replaced.

  • Model: C13T04D100

Product Details

Keeping your machine at tip-top condition if you want consistently good results, which is why we offer affordable maintenance products. The Epson C13T04D100 Maintenance Box is an incredibly handy product; this waste collection unit will keep your printer running smoothly time after time.

What does the Epson C13T04D100 Maintenance Box do?

Designed to keep your printer running smoothly, the Epson C13T04D100 Maintenance Box works by collecting excess ink. This helps prevent blockages and leaks, thus keeping your machine clean. While wear and tear is a part of every technology, using maintenance will keep it running at its very best for longer.

Compatible Main Units

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