Pay Per Page (Lease)

Kalim Stores Pvt LTd recasts the traditional client-customer relationship in an innovative pay-per-use model called ‘ Pay per Page’. It’s an opportunity to lease the best printing equipment without buying it. Significant savings, prompt services and cartridge replacements make it a top-of-the-drawer offering in the market. Now you can divert the precious revenues in making strategic investments for your business. This is what Kalim Stores means by thinking from inside, as an integral part of your business.

Customer is a winner all the way :

» A comprehensive Laser/ Inkjet Printer / MFD (A4 & A3) solution is provided.
» Brand new Printers / MFD are provided.
» SAVE 30 % to 70 % on consumables as Kalim Stores provides you with re-manufactured toner cartridges and charges you only on a per page basis.
» Per page charges will include comprehensive maintenance for your laser/ Inkjet printer which will save 100% of your maintenance costs.
» Save 100% on Capital Deployment in purchase of Printers.
» You save 100% on Capital Cost of depreciating assets.
» Some of the biggest corporate houses are using Print n Pay Lease Solution across India.
» Servicing more than 673 locations in India.
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